Sensus iPERL – a great ally for water supply utilities

Sensus has supplied a further 18,000 iPERLs to IRETI S.p.A. (IREN GROUP), to add to the 90,000 units already installed for the Italian publicly-owned utility. Since its launch, the Sensus iPERL has been consolidating its position as a great ally to water supply utilities for the purpose of reducing Non-Revenue Water (NRW), and enhancing management and control of water consumption.

As in the domestic market, the iPERL has been gaining ground for many years in the international market and consolidating its position with respect to unproven static metering solutions. Sensus’ presence on the five continents and its proven expertise makes it a reliable partner in the transition to new metering technologies.

This is demonstrated by the recent addition of 18,000 iPERLs to the 90,000 units already installed by Italian publicly-owned utility IRETI S.p.A. (IREN GROUP), following an extension to the contract entered into by Sensus Italia and IRETI for the supply of new iPERL sensors with automatic meter reading (AMR) functions for enhanced control of consumption in the northeast of Italy. The new contract has a value of 1.2 million euro.

IREN is amongst Italy’s leading public service companies, supplying water to 2.8 million people in 265 municipalities. In last two years, Sensus Italia has already installed over 90,000 iPERL water meters for IREN, along with the company’s DIAVASO software.

The extension to the contract for a further 18,000 iPERL meters will enhance water network performance and remote metering, whilst reducing meter-reading costs and affording additional benefits for both the public utility and end users.

The first contract was awarded in 2018, with the main decisive factor being the high pressure offered by the iPERL, along with its capacity to measure even the lowest flow rates.