September – October 2021

FuturENVIRO Digital – Nº 83

The group offers smart water management solutions for agriculture, cities and industry

To meet challenges such as world population growth, the constant expansion of urban centres and climate change, it is vital to promote evolution in the way we use and manage resources. Agbar, a group committed to conserving the environment, bases its activity on the implementation of innovation, know-how, experience and collaboration to promote the development of intelligent and sustainable management solutions. The goal is to optimise the way water is used through the implementation of information technologies and the recovery of energy or new materials from waste.

Agbar’s mission is to address the new challenges of environmental management and, through partnerships, to build a more efficient, intelligent and sustainable world, based on the circular economy model. The group also provides data management services for decision-making and digitisation of production processes related to water, energy and environmental health. Digital Transformation, now a reality in many everyday processes, has become a key element for promoting the principles of sustainable development, achieving more efficient management and contributing to building more resilient environments, capable of efficiently preventing and combating the effects of climate change.



AGBAR: The group offers smart water management solutions for agriculture, cities and industry


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