Seville water utility Emasesa embarks on Industry 4.0 journey with landmark project for integration of 6 SCADA systems

The project is configured as an Operational Intelligence platform with advanced data analysis capabilities that encompasses not only the unification of multiple control applications, distributed in a new SCADA system with centralised management, but also many of the latest developments in Operational Technology environments (7 operation and maintenance layers in the BIM model, visualisation of the application in a GIS environment, automation of communication and information flows, pre-production environments for testing and maintenance of applications, implementation of change control systems and complete asset lifecycle management).

This is a highly complex initiative that will facilitate the meeting of requirements for optimal asset management, high availability and security, all within a context of special attention and care for the water resource and the environment.

The contract for the execution of the project has been awarded to the Aquatec (SUEZ) – ICR consortium and the work is scheduled to be completed in 3 years. The project will see integration of the different existing supervision systems into a 4.0 SCADA system with Wonderware Archestra technology, resulting in optimisation of process and alarm management. The platform will focus on support cost efficiency and effectiveness in the development of industrial control systems (ICS) engineering, with a single project standard for the whole of Emasesa. Continuous real-time monitoring of processes and operations through advanced analytics will enable the identification and detection of undesirable situations that might result in interruptions, failures or bottlenecks in daily operations. The new Operational Intelligence platform will enable operating decisions and actions to be based on intelligent analysis of processes and real-time data.