Siemens to supply steam turbine for energy recovery facility

Siemens has received an order for components for an energy recovery facility in Hull, United Kingdom. The scope of supply includes an SST-600 Enhanced Platform industrial steam turbine, a SGen5-100A generator as well as the SPPA-T3000 instrumentation and control system. Siemens will also supply a 35-MVA power transformer. The client for the steam turbine set including instrumentation and control system is the global engineering and construction company M+W Group, which is building the plant for the independent power producer Energy Works. The Hull energy recovery facility is expected to begin supplying energy efficiently in March 2018 and will produce enough electricity to power the equivalent of about 43,000 homes.

Waste that would normally be destined for landfill sites is becoming a valuable fuel for generating power. Over 250 million tons of rubbish is currently used as fuel to produce energy every year worldwide. Modern plants are used to dispose of processed waste and generate electricity, thereby reducing the environmental impact. An advanced gasification process is used by Energy Works to generate super-heated steam. A steam turbine uses this to generate electricity, saving fossil fuels such as coal and oil. On average, one litre of oil contains the same amount of energy as four kilograms of waste. The efficient SST-600 steam turbine has an electrical capacity of 30 megawatts. Siemens will manufacture the steam turbine in Görlitz and the generator in Erfurt, both in Germany.