SIGAUS amongst essential sectors to continue operating

Following Royal Decree-Act 10/2020 of March 29, which stopped all activities considered to be non-essential in order to reduce public mobility in the context of addressing COVID-19, SIGUAS, the integrated management system responsible for used oil, subsequent to consultation with its legal advisors, released the following communication:

  • The used oil integrated management system will maintain its activity due to the fact that it is classified as essential under section 18 of the Annex to this Royal Decree-Act. The text refers to “services associated with the collection, management and treatment of hazardous waste, hazardous and non-hazardous municipal solid waste, collection and treatment of wastewater, decontamination and other waste management services…”.

The text does not refer to waste management service activities but rather to services associated with waste management. Therefore, it includes the integrated management systems and the employees of their management entities, even if these entities do not directly provide waste management services, and irrespective of whether or not all their activities can be carried out in the form of teleworking.

  • Similarly, the companies involved in different used oil management operations are included amongst the providers of essential services.
  • Member companies. These companies can continue to operate, in accordance with section 5 of the Annex, which refers to “companies essential to the maintenance of the production activities of the manufacturing industry that provides supplies, equipment and materials needed for the correct operation of essential activities”. Therefore, activities for the production (EU importation and acquisition) distribution and sale of industrial oils are permitted to continue operating, as these oils are indispensable for the operation of factories in which essential activities are carried out, and for vehicles for the transportation of people or goodswhich, in itself, is an essential activity included in the Royal Decree-Act (under section 6 of the Annex).