SIGAUS closes 2021 with the management of 128,711 t of used oils and a regeneration rate of 79%

SIGAUS cierra 2021 con la gestión de 128.711 t de aceites usados, logrando una tasa de regeneración del 79%

On behalf of its member companies, SIGAUS recently submitted its Official Reports 2021 to the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITERD), as well as to the competent bodies of the different Autonomous Communities.

The reports provide information on how the ecological targets set out in the legislation on used oils were met, thanks to the management of 128,711 tonnes of used oils last year. These oils were all recovered and 79% of them were regenerated, enabling over 63,000 tonnes of new lubricants to be returned to the market and 30 million barrels of oil to be saved.

The Official Reports 2021 provide detailed information on the results of the management carried out by SIGAUS last year, with extensive analysis supported by a variety of graphs, statistical tables and maps in which the key data are compiled. The document accredits compliance with the obligations undertaken by SIGAUS and provides the competent public authorities with a fundamentally important tool to facilitate supervision of the activity and the achievements of the Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO), whilst guaranteeing transparency in all its actions.

The reports provide data on the industrial oils placed on the domestic market by SIGAUS’ 249 member companies, with a breakdown by type, origin, quarter and the Autonomous Community in which the oil was placed on the market. The significant recovery in economic activity was reflected by an increase of 11.4% in the volume placed on the market compared to 2020 (13.5% in the automotive market), with the quantity of industrial oils placed on the market rising to 294,981 tonnes. The automotive sector was once again the largest consumer, accounting for 166,721 tonnes or 56% of total lubricants.