Sogama extension in line with Industry 4.0

Only 8 months subsequent to securing the contract for the extension of the Sogama environmental complex in Cerceda (A Coruña), Galicia-based company Valtalia has built the new plant for the recovery of packaging waste from conventional refuse. The company has installed the new equipment in what is a pioneering, innovative, state-of-the art facility and probably our greatest source of pride since the commissioning of the environmental complex that houses the new facility in the year 2000.

A reception pit of 5,000 cubic metres, from where the waste is fed into the process line, 5 treatment lines, each with the capacity to process 40 tonnes per hour, 2 overhead cranes with the capacity to lift 12 tonnes, a hydraulic orange peel grab, 5 bag openers, 5 trommel screens for bulky waste, another 5 screens for secondary separation, 5 baling presses, over 30 optical sorters to separate paper/board and different types of plastic, and traditional magnetic separators for ferrous metals and Eddy Current separators for aluminium. These are some of the elements featured in a facility that also boasts the most modern safety systems and the latest automation, communications and IT systems. The plant is fully prepared for the emerging industry 4.0 (automatic recording and real-time analysis of operating and production parameters, real-time SCADA supervision by means of wireless tablets, automatic diagnostics functions, etc).

Putting this plant into operation means putting the first stage of the Sogama extension into operation and, consequently, putting the future of Galicia into operation in terms of responsible waste management, because this project will enable us to increase our treatment capacity by 81%, from a nominal 550,000 tonnes/ annum to 1 million tonnes.

Following the testing period, which has already commenced, the facility will go into operation at the end of this year, and a second stage will commence with the renovation of the current recycling, treatment and refuse derived fuel building, which will be up and running at the end of 2019. It will be then that we can say, with complete satisfaction, that we have honoured our commitment, enabling our region to be a benchmark in terms of good waste management, not just consolidating its leading position in Spain but also occupying the leading positions in Europe and worldwide. Two things will make this possible: the size of our environmental complex, which will be capable of optimal management of all domestic waste produced in Galicia, and its great efficiency, because we will quadruple the amount of waste recycled. Each year, over 100,000 tonnes of materials will be sent for recycling, thereby reducing greatly the quantity of waste landfilled. And, on this issue, I would like to point out that, on average, 57% of waste in Spain is landfilled, while the Sogama figure currently stands at 28% and will be reduced to 10% next year, thereby complying with one of the targets set by Europe for 2035.

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Javier Domínguez Lino, President of Sogama

Published in: FuturENVIRO #52 July 2018