Global shredding paper solutions

Lindner-Recyclingtech (L-RT), an Austrian company specialising in shredding solutions, has been developing, manufacturing and selling shredders for 65 years. This experience enables L-RT to deliver the best and most versatile single shaft shredders. L-RT is at the forefront of shredding technology, and manufactures equipment that is used globally. The company’s main target is to provide customers with reliable and profitable shredding systems with high availability for processing a wide range of waste materials.
Waste-to-energy, RDF suppliers and the cement industry as well as the plastics and paper industry are L-RT’s primary customers. In all these industries, throughput requirement is a key factor, as is reliability. Most of L-RT’s customers are producing a product, not just disposing of waste. They are actually manufacturing a product for an end market, so reliability is a key factor.

L-RT was among the first companies to engineer machines for the production of refuse derived fuels (RDF) and solid recovered fuel (SRF) for the cement industry. Waste management companies are being forced to find an alternative that is an economically and environmentally viable way of handling residual waste. RDF and SRF are providing that solution. They have to achieve specific environmental and technical quality criteria; so the quality of the RDF and SRF to fuel the kilns is essential. The key to good SRF is high calorific value combined with low moisture, so the production of the SRF must be of a very high standard to be effective. Unlike its cousin RDF which is a much coarser type of fuel with a lower calorific value and higher moisture content, SRF must be made to a much cleaner and higher specification.

Article published in: FuturENVIRO July and August 2013