Spanish Secretary of State for the Environment and European Commission Director General for Environment analyse implementation of EU environmental policy in Spain

Secretary of State for the Environment, María García Rodríguez, and European Commission Director General for the Environment, Daniel Calleja, this morning inaugurated a seminar to evaluate the results of the first report on the implementation of EU environmental legislation in Spain. The event took place at the headquarters of the Ministry and the report, which will be drafted every two years, was published last year.

This new assessment mechanism will facilitate compliance with European environmental legislation and will also constitute a tool through which to improve Member State services by “promoting dialogue and collaboration amongst the authorities involved”, the Secretary of State pointed out.


Spain is the European country with the greatest biodiversity. It is home to 56% of the species included in the Birds Directive, 51% of the habitats included in the Habitats Directive, and 32% of the remaining species that feature in the annexes to the Directive. And the country is protecting this valuable natural heritage more and more. “33% of the terrestrial surface area and 8% of territorial waters are now protected”, explained the Secretary of State.


The Commission identified the development of a circular economy policy as an opportunity for Spain. The Government, in line with the European Commission Circular Economy Package and its own Action Plan, has drawn up a Spanish Circular Economy Strategy, which is currently at the public consultation stage.