SPR group completes delivery and commissioning of waste recovery solutions in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Egypt and the Philippines

The SPR group, now exclusively managed by founding partner Mr. Wilhelm Konstanski, who once again took over the position of CEO in May 2013, is undergoing a process of profound restructuring. This process has helped the SPR group to become stronger and the company now has very positive prospects for the future. The group is currently expanding its workforce in Valladolid and Barcelona.

SPR has redirected its efforts to the design and supply of cost-effective solutions geared towards improved profitability. The company provides solutions for the production of solid recovered fuels (SRF), plants for the recovery of metals, WEEE, industrial waste and end-of-life tyres (ELT), as well as shredding solutions. SPR also provides maintenance services for the more than 140 machines and facilities installed by the company in Spain, Portugal, Egypt and now the Philippines.

The group continues its efforts in the area of designing, studying, attending to and supplying equipment and solutions for MSW and packaging plants, with a view to improving profitability, increasing uptime and reducing costs.

This strategy and the activities that have provided the basis of the rapid growth of SPR since it was founded in 2005 have found a great deal of acceptance in the marketplace and the industry in general, and there is great demand for the company’s specialisation and know-how in the area of processes. With the collaboration of its partners and the companies it represents, such as Herco Kühltechnik, Lindner Recyclingtechnik, Nihot, Envirotech and Cartif (Castilla y León Technology Centre) amongst others, the group has once again embarked on the path of growth and has expanded its specialised technical staff at its facilities in both Barcelona and Valladolid.

Continuing its philosophy to adapt to the market and the economic climate, and with the aim of meeting growing market demand, SPR has extended its range of services and now offers parts and maintenance at very competitive prices for the shredding machines and facilities of other brands not supplied by SPR. For this purpose, the company has two mobile workshops and a large warehouse to store replacement knives and wear parts for different equipment and brands.

The search for and sale of used equipment has been growing in this period and the company’s technical analysis of the suitability and condition of each unit it offers has been well received by SPR clients.

The company manufactures the following proprietary equipment:

  • Bag openers
  • Pre-crushers
  • Rotary shears
  • Shredders
  • Secondary shredders

Consolidation of SPR products in Spanish and international markets

SPR’s bag openers, rotary shears and pre-crushers, with more than 35 units currently operating in Spain and Portugal, continue to be the driving force behind the company’s activities and revenues. SPR has completed the process of locating the manufacture of all this equipment in Spain and 2015 will see the launch of new models with more features and technical innovations. The design of peripheral equipment has also grown and this now forms a consolidated part of the SPR product portfolio.