STADLER achieves high-purity plastic flakes and increases productivity at RCS PET sorting plant

RCS is a company based in Werne, Germany, specializing in recycling management. With over 40 years’ experience, it provides companies efficient and sustainable solutions for the disposal of commercial waste with its three core competencies – waste disposal, raw material recycling and plastics. Sustainability and the environmentally friendly use of resources are the principles at the heart of RCS’s corporate philosophy. They run through every aspect of its operation, such as the advanced processes it uses to collect and transform waste into secondary raw materials, returning them to the production cycle. These core values also form the basis for its service to clients, as it works in partnership with them to develop a concept that is environmentally friendly and individually tailored to their needs.

An important area of focus for RCS is the recycling of PET bottles to produce plastic flakes for a variety of applications and high-quality regranulate for the food sector. This activity is centered at its sorting plant, where it separates clear PET from color PET – which account for 85% of the input – aluminum and ferrous cans, film and other materials. With a capacity of 7 tonnes/hour, the plant operates on a continuous shift system, processing used PET bottles into high-quality food grade plastic flakes.

The purity of the flakes is of paramount importance, as they are destined to the production of a variety of plastic products, from plastic fibers to   films and packaging tapes, as well as products for the food industry. Every outgoing Big Bag is carefully checked for residual moisture, bulk density, incorrect colors and contaminants, as well as grain size distribution and adhesive residues to ensure the high quality of the output.

A complete modernization delivers high quality and operating efficiency 

In order to achieve both the consistent high purity it requires and optimize the processes at its plant, RCS has relied on STADLER’s expertise over the years.

This was followed by a complete modernization of the plant in 2017. The completion of the project within very tight deadlines was a key requirement for RCS, and STADLER delivered on this important demand.

RCS PET sorting plant _1

The modernization has brought multiple benefits to the sorting plant – not only on the quality of the output, but also on its operation and running costs.


STADLER’s Label Remover – launched in 2019 with the name Delabeler – removes labels from bottles of all types, achieving a quality standard of up to 80 percent of labels removed. It processes a mass flow of up to 9 Tn/h – depending on the particle size and material composition. It stands out for the robust construction that is the hallmark of STADLER equipment and is highly resistant to impurities. These features result in excellent durability and a consistently high performance throughout its long life cycle.