STAR Utility Solutions™ – the smart solution that reduces WWTP energy bills by up to 40%

Apart from reducing energy costs, STAR Utility Solutions™ increases the hydraulic and biological capacity of existing plants and is the most advanced online control system on the market.

With a track record of over 25 years, and 80 installation references in Europe, Veolia Water Technologies has launched STAR Utility Solutions™ in Spain. STAR Utility Solutions™ is the most advanced smart, holistic control software for wastewater treatment plants and sewage networks.

STAR Utility Solutions™ enables efficient plant management in technical, economic and environmental terms. The software is designed to provide results in 3 major areas of a WWTP. It is capable of minimising operating costs, increasing capacity of existing or newly built plants, and improving effluent quality. And it does all of this at the lowest possible cost.

In order to achieve these objectives, STAR Utility Solutions™ implements control, monitoring and forecasting tools. It receives information in real time, analyses it using advanced algorithms and simulation programs, and returns the set points to the control system, adopting the best possible decision in terms of cost and efficiency.

STAR Utility Solutions™ is not simply a tool for the optimisation of energy consumption. It can also be used to increase the hydraulic and biological capacity of a WWTP. This is vital for many Spanish facilities, which have gradually become too small and have to deal with flows and loadings higher than those for which they were designed.

STAR Utility Solutions™ currently serves a population equivalent of over 13 million in Europe and has been successfully installed at WWTPs with a treatment capacity of up to 2,000,000 p.e. It is a proven, effective tool that aids the operator in the daily management of the facility, whilst enhancing final effluent quality, and reducing operating costs and energy consumption.