Succesfull commisioning of 14 W-Tank® units and 6 Containerized Wastewater Treatment plants by Toro Equipment

It was a supply for wastewater treatment plant of industrial efluent in UAE. The capacity of the wastewater treatment plant is 300 m3/day.

The supply is composed of 14 W-Tank® units for waste water treatment and the clean water storage, and 6 containerized treatment plants.

The W-Tank® are made of GRP, the free corrosion material and allows to mount this type of tanks in any part of the world.

The extreme climate and the corrosion of the effluent with conductivities above 20,000 μS/cm, make these tanks made of plastic materials the best solution for our client.

To complete the project have been supplied:

  • 2 units Anaconda® Flotation system Containerized , which include three Dissolved air flotation units -Anaconda® FRC-20.
  • Containerized plant for sludge dewatering, include an Automatic Filter Press Draco® FPA120/25.
  • 1 Containerized plant that includes a chemical dosing system.
  • 1 Containerized filtration plant for refining treatment at exit.
  • 1 Containerized plant that includes the blowers.

All equipments supplied for this project works with high load water and high corrosion. The COD can reach 45.000 mg / l and the average conductivity up to 20.000 μS/cm.

The pre-assembled containers are equipped with the following material:

– Isothermal interior paneling.

– Non-slip floor with gel coat finish.

– Extractors series.

– Internal drains.

– Air conditioning / climate control

– Access doors

– Lighting

The solution of the supply the equipments pre-assembled in containers has facilitated a lot to the client the installation, the assembly and the execution of the civil work.