Suez and Hidraqua inaugurate Dinapsis in Benidorm – the first innovation centre for sustainable water and territorial management

The new innovation centre is the first in Spain devoted to sustainable global water cycle and territorial management. Developed by Hidraqua and Suez, the centre features three spaces: an Operations Hub, an Innovation Lab and a large Technology Shop Window.

This morning saw the inauguration in Benidorm of Dinapsis, the first innovation centre devoted to sustainable water and territorial management. Developed by Suez and Hidraqua, the centre is designed for the operation, development and showcasing of the most advanced solutions in this field. The main objective is to offer new digital solutions that improve the quality of life of those living in and visiting cities.

During the inauguration, Angel Simón, executive vice-president at Suez, emphasised that “only through innovation will we be able to anticipate and address the great challenges facing us in the area of water management. These challenges require cooperation between private enterprises, public authorities and civil society, in order to guarantee access to natural resources both now and in the future”.

After the inauguration ceremony, those present were invited to view the three spaces of which the new centre is made up. The first, an Operations Hub, has the capacity to manage, in real time, the global urban water cycle services and assets administered by Hidraqua.

The second, an Innovation Lab, is a welcoming, open and cooperative space for the discovery and research of new needs and the best ways of satisfying them.  It will also provide support to the province’s entrepreneurial ecosystem in the form of open innovation events.

Finally, the large Technology Shop Window converts the city and the province into a national and international centre of attraction. It will showcase all the innovative ideas that help to disseminate the excellence of the city and province as well as providing an insight into what the future holds for Benidorm.

The centre has already collaborated in the development of projects such as Water Track, a tool that enables citizens to monitor their water consumption; Drops, a tool which, by using the remote reading location network, enables the precise location of children to be determined, thus preventing them from getting lost on beaches; and Cidavi, an integrated portal that provides valuable town planning information.