Suez and Renault sign a new agreement for the sustainable and efficient management of production sites in Morocco

Suez and Groupe Renault have strengthened their industrial partnership by renewing the contract for the global management of waste from the French carmaker’s two production plants in Morocco, in Tangier and Somaca (Casablanca). The goal of this three‐year contract is to help Groupe Renault to improve its performance in Morocco.

Under the terms of the new contract, SUEZ will collect and sort the waste (pallets, cardboard boxes, metals, process oils, packaging and plastics from production), then dispatch it to different facilities for recovery as materials or treatment. By way of example, the wood collected on the Tangier site will be crushed and used to produce energy for the plant’s boilers.

But Suez’ services will stretch beyond the simple collection of waste from the production lines, to offer Groupe Renault engineering support and advice, proposals to achieve progress, and administrative formalities for the complete traceability of waste.

In an effort to meet economic and environmental demands, to develop the production of recycled materials and to encourage reuse in the automotive sector, SUEZ and the carmaker have built a partnership of expertise over more than 20 years, encompassing more than 30 sites worldwide.

Suez is present all along the waste recovery chain, collecting, stocking, transforming and tracing hazardous, industrial and ordinary waste. SUEZ is supporting Renault all over the world in its efforts to reuse as much metal waste as possible.


Source: Suez