SUEZ completes renovation of one of Andalusia’s largest drinking water pumping stations

Hidralia entrusted SUEZ, through Aquatec, with the task of remodelling the Intermediate Drinking Water Pumping Station (WPS) located in the town of San Pedro de Alcántara, Malaga. This WPS is amongst the largest managed by Hidralia in Andalusia. The enhancements made to the facility have resulted in significant reductions in energy consumption and operating costs.

The remodelling work carried out by SUEZ consisted of replacing the existing pump with high-performance units, adapting the hydraulic installation and integrating electrical control systems. These enhancements have given rise to significantly improved energy efficiency at the facility:

·        Energy Savings: 425,000 kWh/annum

·        Emissions Reductions: 116,000 kg CO2 / annum

·        Financial savings: 28,300 €/annum

·        Payback Period: 2 years

The WPS is equipped with 5 split-chamber 132-kW pumps, giving a total power output of 660 kW and a pumping capacity of 1,350 m3/h, representing over 3,000,000 m3 per annum.

The project falls within the remit of the SUEZ Energy Division, which specialises in solutions for the improvement of energy efficiency and renewable energy. The Energy Projects Department of this division drafts upgrading proposals based on energy audits. The Energy Division offers municipal, industrial and agricultural sector clients comprehensive technical/financial advisory services in the area of water and energy, with a view to achieving optimisation of facilities, cost reductions and greater sustainable development.