Suez presents On’connect, the new generation of long-range radio frequency for smart metering

Suez has presented On’Connect, the evolution of its smart metering solution. During Smart City Expo, Farrokh Fotoohi, Director of Suez Smart Solutions Global, and David Hernández, Director of Smart Solutions Iberia and Latam, explained that the new solution, in addition to improving the efficiency and the capacities of meter reading management, also makes it possible to acquire and process information from an ecosystem of sensors, thus enabling more sustainable water management in cities.

On’Connect is the new generation of the long-range smart metering system of Suez, which offers numerous developments, including: optimization of the infrastructure necessary for data compilation on having a greater range, advanced bidirectionality and security encryption functionalities, extension of the working life of the equipment, etc. This is all based on the AFNOR guidelines to ensure interoperability.


With this technology, Suez evolves the smart metering network and, through apps, websites and other tools which it makes available, seeks to raise the citizens’ awareness about the importance of consuming water responsibly to contribute to sustainability and efficient management of resources.

In a similar manner, the data conveyed by On’Connect are used to generate value and information at the service of water through the Aquadvanced suite, innovative software of Suez for efficient management of daily operations in both network and energy management.

Likewise, in order to supervise the correct operation of all the technologies and systems, Suez has commissioned Dynapsis, the new control centre in Spain for the whole smart metering network in real time creating, together with the control centre in Paris, the European Union’s first smart metering monitoring network. It is a rapidly expanding network which, in addition to 3 million water meters already read remotely, will allow, using the same infrastructure, 11 million GRDF gas meters to be read in the coming four years.

Smart City Expo is the leading worldwide event in relation to smart urban solutions. The 2016 edition focused on the citizens and the various initiatives that are being carried out worldwide to give more power to the people who live in cities.

Source: Suez