SUEZ Spain is the first company from the water sector to launch the “12 drops” payment method

SUEZ Spain has begun to launch a new payment method – called “12 Drops” – which will allow water bills to be paid by means of a fixed monthly instalment. Clients who apply for this new service will thus know how much they have to pay each month independently of their water consumption. Over the coming weeks, this service will be extended to the majority of the Group’s companies.

With this pioneering service in the Spanish water sector, each month the client will pay a fixed amount determined in accordance with the previous year’s consumption. After 12 months, it will be adjusted depending on their real consumption. They can thus plan their expenses better and distribute their regular payments uniformly.


This payment method does not represent any change to the conditions of the client’s contract. The meter will continue to be read and billed with the same frequency that has been assigned to each contract holder. The bills issued will likewise be sent with the same frequency and information about real consumption. Only the amount paid will change, being divided into 12 months with a fixed instalment and an additional adjustment amount.

After 12 months, the amount paid will be adjusted in accordance with the amount actually billed. If they have paid more than the real consumption, the amount overpaid will be refunded to the client. Otherwise, the client will pay the difference and, depending on the amount, it will automatically be divided into three monthly instalments free of charge.

Clients can apply for “12 Drops” at any time without any additional cost, using the different channels: Internet, phone or office. They only need to have had a contract for more than one year and to pay their bills by direct debit. They can also decide on which day of the month they want to pay the direct debit in the bank.

Source: SUEZ