Suez Spain presides over the circular economy commission of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce has created the Circular Economy Commission with the aim of identifying and proposing measures which contribute to achieving more balanced and sustainable economic growth. SUEZ Spain’s Director General, Josep Bagué, will preside over this commission which, as he indicated in the constitutive session, “should be an intersectoral forum for debating, reflection and awareness-raising”, allowing the Spanish Chamber “to improve the link between companies and the territories where they operate”.

The new Commission will work on three specific objectives: achieve economic growth based on adequate waste management in line with the European Union’s circular economy proposal; conserve natural resources, encouraging efficient use of the same, in addition to guaranteeing the supply of essential resources and identifying new economic growth opportunities, and achieve new public-private partnerships to aid the development of innovative services and products in the environmental sphere and, at the same time, guarantee the protection of the health and quality of life of people.

For this, global trends will be identified in environmental management which affect the activity of Spanish companies in spheres such as technologies and innovation, frameworks of action and management, and new environmentally responsible economic models.

Moreover, in order to prepare circular economy action plans, the Commission will draft a guide to serve as a reference, which will include a list of priority materials (mainly plastics and ceramic materials or construction products), eco-design alternatives and the identification of key players in the public and private sector who provide services in these spheres.

The constitutive session also underlined the importance of the coordination that the institution needs to carry out in order to foster public-private collaboration, which is one of the keys to successfully introduce a circular economy model.

This Commission will include the participation of representatives from ACS, Coca-Cola Spain, FCC, Freixenet, Gas Natural Fenosa, Grupo Fuertes, Grupo Meliá, Grupo RIU, Grupo Seat Volkswagen, Iberdrola, IDP, Repsol, Forética, the Spanish National Federation of Irrigation Communities (FENACORE) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and the Environment.