Tedagua secures new contract in Romania

Tedagua, as leader of the Tedagua – S.C. IMI S.A. consortium, has won a new contract with S.C. Vital S.A., the utility responsible for drinking water supply, and wastewater collection and treatment in the region of Maramures, in northern Romania. The contract is for the extension and modernisation of water supply systems and piping in the towns of Baia Mare, Sighetu Marmatiei, Tautii Magheraus, Targu Lapus, Viseu de Sus, Baia Sprie and Seini.

This is the second contract awarded to Tedagua by S.C. Vital S.A. and it completes the EU POS Mediu 1 cohesion fund investment programme. With a duration of eight months and total investment of 31,998,884.31 Ron (around €7,272,000) not including VAT, the project will enhance existing water networks in seven of the main towns in the province, including 24 streets in Baia Mare.

The project consists of the extension and renovation of 23 km of drinking water supply networks and 20 km of wastewater networks. It also includes the installation of almost 200 groundwater hydrants, 1,450 drinking water connections, and 3,725 wastewater connections, including new connections and the renovation of existing connections. 14 pumping stations for drinking water and 5 for wastewater will also be built.

With this new contract, Tedagua’s Romanian office extends its portfolio in the country to €38 million and it is now a leader in both water and environment sectors.