Tedagua secures O&M contract for Africa’s largest desalination plant

The desalination plant has a nominal capacity of 500,000 m3/day, sufficient to supply over 1.5 million people. Operation and management of the plant will be enhanced, and the projects needed to increase current production will be defined.

Tedagua has been awarded the technical assistance contract for the Magtaa desalination plant in Wilaya de Oran (Algeria). The plant is currently the most important in Africa, as well as being amongst the largest in the world.

The contract will have an initial duration of one year. The goal is to improve the operation of the 500,000-m3/day desalination plant and guarantee the supply of drinking water to more than 1.5 million inhabitants of Oran and its surrounding areas, as well as to industry in the region. Actions will be undertaken to optimise operation and maintenance, and refurbishment projects designed to increase production will be defined.

A public-private partnership model was implemented to build the plant on a BOT basis and featured the participation of the state-owned Algerian Energy Company (AEC), which promotes the development of large-scale desalination projects with national and foreign companies. AEC’s decision to award the contract for the Magtaa plant to Tedagua and Cobra Algérie was based on their successful management of the 200,000-m3/day Beni Saf desalination plant.

Securing this contract will consolidate Tedagua’s position in Algeria and help to reinforce its relations with the country’s companies and public bodies.