Tedagua wins $108 million water supply contract in Sri Lanka

On May 17 last, the Sri Lankan cabinet ratified the awarding of a water supply contract to a consortium led by Tedagua. The remaining partners in the consortium are Makiber and Cobra, companies also belonging to the ACS group. The contract is worth $108 million (around €97 M) and covers the design, construction, supply, installation, commissioning and training of staff needed for the operation of a comprehensive drinking water supply system to serve a population of over 280,000 in Anuradhapura South, one of Sri Lanka’s oldest capitals and a city known for its perfectly conserved ancient ruins.

The project includes three drinking water treatment plants (two newly built plants and the extension of an existing plant) for a total production of 51,000 m3/day, a 140 km pressurised water supply network and a 176 km supply network, as well as the storage tanks required for the smooth operation of the system.

The goal of the project is to ensure the supply of quality drinking water in the region, where the population currently relies on water sources with a high concentration of fluoride, which causes teeth and bone problems. In the respect, the project will lead to a significant improvement in hygiene and health.