Teresa Ribera: “Compliance with Paris Agreement requires more ambitious 2030 targets”

Speaking today at the EU Energy Council, Spanish Ecological Transition minister, Teresa Ribera, pointed out that achieving compliance with the Paris Agreement on climate change required more ambitious 2030 renewable energy and energy efficiency targets.

The minister acknowledged that she had joined the EU energy package negotiations during the final stage but she insisted that “there is still time to improve” the legislative proposal for energy planning over the next decade.


With respect to renewables, Spain has supported the most ambitious target proposed in the negotiations: a minimum of 34% of renewables by 2030 (compared to the starting figure of 27%). This is the minimum target the International Renewable Energy Association (IRENA) believes would enable Europe to achieve compliance with the Paris Agreement.

As regards energy efficiency, Spain is in favour of the highest target proposed: 33% by 2030 (compared to an opening figure of 30%).

Amongst Spain’s greatest objectives in the negotiation on energy governance is the inclusion of a clause in the energy package to enable renewable energy and energy efficiency targets to be reviewed upwards but not downwards.  Such a clause would enable more ambitious goals to be achieved in accordance with technological developments and the economic scenario.

Moreover, the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition supports the petition of the European Parliament to do away with the so-called “sun tax” and any other obstacles to the development of self-consumption.