TERSA concludes complete upgrading of Pérgola de Vallbona PV plant

TERSA finaliza la renovación integral de la instalación fotovoltaica de la pérgola de Vallbona

TERSA has concluded complete upgrading of the Pérgola de Vallbona photovoltaic facility. The technological enhancement will result in an increase of around 250%, to 135,000 kWh, in the generation of renewable electricity at the plant. Due to the potential energy efficiency of this upgrading project, the company is considering a similar initiative at the Pérgola del Fórum PV plant.

TERSA has completed the replacement of all the PV panels at the Pérgola de Vallbona photovoltaic solar energy facility (IESFV), the first to be installed in the city of Barcelona. The design of this facility was replicated on a large scale in the assembly of the Fórum de les Cultures solar PV power plant.

Due to the deterioration of the photovoltaic panels after 20 years in operation and in view of the innovations in the field of photovoltaic energy, TERSA opted to upgrade the photovoltaic panels at the Vallbona plant. Through the resulting technological enhancement, the goal was to increase the power output from 48 kWn (57.6 kWp) to 78 kWn (86.4 kWp) with the same surface area. Thanks to the upgrading project, the facility can now generate 135,000 kWh of renewable energy, an increase of 246%.

In addition to adapting the structure and increasing the efficiency of the Pérgola de Vallbona facility through the application of state-of-the-art technical solutions, this initiative has become a benchmark for the implementation of these solutions in the solar PV fields of other facilities managed by the company, such as the Pérgola del Fórum solar plant, which currently generates 560,000 kWh.

It is estimated that this upgrading initiative will result in a reduction of 32.5 tonnes in CO2 emissions, making it an example of the continuous commitment to adopt new technologies that improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of the TERSA Group’s facilities.