TGMM enters into agreement to distribute Whitham Mills Engineering balers

TGMM has entered into an agreement to act as an agent for Whitham Mills Engineering balers in Spain. These balers are manufactured with materials of the highest quality and designed
with the customer in mind. In addition to boasting a higherthroughput, they also produce bales of greater density.

The balers are capable of baling a wide range of materials, including cardboard, hard plastic, plastic film, RDF, LDPE, PET and tin cans. The Twin Ram range of
baling presses combines high efficiency with impressive final bale density. It compresses the material against a reinforced steel wall, which maximises density, and then automatically secures the bale with steel wire, plastic strapping or wrap.

One of the great innovations of this baler is the automatic system that enables the selection of steel wire or plastic strapping to tie the bale by simply pressing a button.