The beginning of the end of a decade

Domingo Zarzo Martínez, President of the AEDyR

We find ourselves at a time of crisis and opportunity, a time of great promise but also one of great challenges. On the face of it, we
are nearing the end of the crisis and new opportunities are emerging for the sector, in the form of new European funds. Water has entered the US raw materials futures market. We enter the new decade full of expectation.

Now, at last, the decade really is coming to an end (and so too is what might be described as a peculiar year) and we are about to enter the third decade of the century. This year has been truly strange, unquestionably the strangest that any of us have known.

The water sector has been a leading player in these months in many respects (although this has gone unnoticed by a large portion of the population). As could not be otherwise, we were considered an essential service and water supply to the people, to industry, and for irrigation purposes has been maintained without interruption and with the same high quality as always.

This is also true of sanitation, where analysis of the virus in wastewater has proven to be an important tool in evaluating the spread of this and other pandemics.

Although it might seem unnecessary because there were never many doubts, throughout these months, many of us have said often and loudly that water in Spain has been and is safe. No traces of sars-cov-2 have been found in analyses carried out at the outlets of wastewater treatment plants and tertiary treatment facilities. It goes without saying that neither have they
been found at the outlet of drinking water treatment plants, thanks to the established treatment and disinfection processes implemented.