The EULEN group designs a comprehensive cleaning and waste management service

Tipping recycling into a storage shed from a refuse collection lorry. Taken with a slowish shutter speed so some of the recycling has motion blur.

The EULEN Group has designed a comprehensive cleaning and waste management service that includes both physical and administrative management, thus achieving a procedure that fosters circular cleaning.

In addition to the usual cleaning tasks, this new service also offers the study of the production process structure with a view of ascertaining the waste generated in each part of the process and, subsequently making improvements in terms of its management, waste identification and quantification, minimization plans and containerization studies, as well as ultimately implementing measures for minimizing the amount of produced waste, while maximizing its reuse.

The company also assumes control over transport flows that run internally and to green points, recycling or intermediate/final treatment plants, conditioning waste for its proper transfer; not limited to internal communication and awareness plans aimed at reducing generated waste and its environmental impact, in addition to improving knowledge about handling, segregation and internal transport of waste to be processed for recycling or disposal.

Compliance with an increasingly demanding legal framework is likewise guaranteed through the improvement of procedures and the correct management of all documentation required with public administrations for each waste type. Doing so likewise engages in circular economy and cleaning, decreasing the volume or hazardous level of generated waste while promoting reuse, recycling and repurposing, along with the industrial synergies of the waste as potential raw materials for others.