The LME of CIRCE becomes the first Spanish testing laboratory accredited by ENAC for testing special solid fuel boilers

Last February, the Electric Metrology Laboratory (LME) of CIRCE, located in Zaragoza, obtained accreditation by ENAC (National Accreditation Entity) for carrying out the test to heating boilers for solid fuels, becoming the first laboratory accredited in our country under the UNE-EN 303-5:2013 standard. This accreditation will reduce the cost and complexity of the test benefiting from a nationally accredited centre.

Until now, there was no accredited laboratory in Spain so it was necessary to send the heating boilers to a foreign certified laboratory in order to perform the test. CIRCE carries out on site tests, displacing their own equipment to the customer facilities. This implies a reduction in transport costs, but on top of that a higher knowledge of the boiler and the test by the boiler manufacturer.

The scope of accreditation covers tests of heating boilers for solid fuels, manually and automatically stoked and a nominal heat output up to 500 kW and can determine the performance features, gas and particles emissions at rated and minimum power as well as safety requirements to be met by such boilers.

With this service, CIRCE will foster competitiveness of boiler manufacturers, favouring the market uptake of more efficient and sustainable boilers.


Source: CIRCE