The Molecor-Titan Consortium launches new industrial plant for the production of TOM® Oriented PVC Pipes in Paraguay

Molecor, leader Spanish company in the water industry, specialized in the development of Molecular Orientation Technology applied to the manufacture of TOM® PVC-O (Oriented PVC) Pipes for pressure water piping, consolidates its presence in Paraguay with the creation of the Molecor-Titan Consortium.

The business alliance between Molecor Tecnologia and Grupo Titán has been consolidated with the creation of the first Oriented PVC Pipe production plant in the Southern Cone.

The consortium’s objectives include meeting the needs for improvement in hydraulic infrastructures as well as improving both quantitatively and qualitatively the water distribution networks in the country. The establishment of this plant represents a milestone in terms of innovation, leading technology and efficiency for Paraguay, reaching other countries in the region, such as southern Bolivia and Brazil, Uruguay and northern Argentina.

The creation of the factory has a high impact from the economic, social and business points of view. The investment of approximately US $ 6 million results in an industrial plant with an initial production capacity of 3,000 tons, which is equivalent to the supply of 850 km of pipelines per year, that will be destined mainly for the completion of the Aqueduct for the Chaco project; a project that will enable drinking water to reach some 70,000 people living in the cities of Filadelfia, Neuland or Cruce Los Pioneros, as well as 86 indigenous villages in the Paraguayan Chaco, contributing to strengthen the potable water sector and sanitation of the region.

The directors of the Molecor-Titán Consortium, Ignacio Muñoz and Gustavo Volpe agree that the sector is experiencing a good moment and that this implementation will have a positive economic, social and business impact for the country.

The new factory complex located in the Tres Bocas neighborhood of Villa Elisa, officially inaugurated on October 11th, will apply the exclusive Molecular Orientation Process developed by Molecor, a technology that presents high efficiency in terms of energy, production capacity and durability.

TOM® Oriented PVC Pipes (PVC-O) are the excellent alternative to be used in the projection of the supply and distribution networks thanks to their efficiency in operation and their low maintenance costs. They are also a good alternative for their high physical, mechanical and chemical properties, which assure the reliability in the conduction and protection of the environment. These pipelines are an excellent alternative for water distribution networks, they can generate an increase of up to 40% in the public works of hydraulic infrastructures, contributing to the creation of systems of high quality water conduction and safety in Paraguay.

SOURCE: Molecor