The optimization of the anaerobic digestion will reduce costs and improve the generated biogas

PercoMeta is a project of industrial research to optimize the digestion of cereal straw and other residues of difficult treatment in conventional digesters. With this process, costs (energetic, of personnel, of maintenance …) will be reduced and the production and the quality of generated biogas will be maximized using biodigestion. This improvement in the biogas quality will make it available of being used in applications that need a high methane quality -fuel for vehicles, injection in the natural gas network…-.

Inside W-Tank®, these residues with high content of strange materials will be biodigested to produce biogas and, later, resultant digestate will be stabilized. There are different waste to treat:

  • Cereal straw, which is abundant in the surroundings of the Toro Equipment factory, located in the Ribera del Duero. It is necessary to note the possibility that the straw contains other unwanted materials as stones, pieces of plastic or wood.

  • Manure and livestock bedding, which also can contain these unwanted materials.

  • Organic waste of the foodstuff industry, which can contain carton, plastic, bones and other specific materials from this sector.

  • Organic residues proceeding from large-scale distribution, they can contain plastic, brass of canned food, glass from bottles…

  • Municipal organic waste which can contain all kinds of unwanted materials.

This process, simple and reliable, will reduce costs in relation to other similar technologies. In addition, the characteristics of the W-Tank® -its great lightness, the facility of assembly, the ease of transport and its corrosion resistance- make this product the suitable one to speed up the projects in everywhere in the world.