The volume of non-revenue water is undoubtedly amongst the major problems affecting and concerning water utilities throughout the world. Quantities of non-revenue water can be high or very high, which concerns utilities in that it has adverse effects on company accounts and it is also detrimental to the environment in the places affected. In operating terms, non-revenue water is one of the major challenges faced by utilities, because it affects revenues and financial stability.

In our search for solutions to alleviate this problem satisfactorily and in an enduring manner, Homerider Systems –a subsidiary of Veolia- has designed and developed comprehensive, efficient solutions for smart network management. Thanks to these solutions, network managers, and particularly environment services, will see a reduction in these problems in their day-to-day work. The solution implemented comprises radio modules for network instrumentation, i.e., sensors; telecommunications devices (concentrators) for transmission of data generated, and a system for gathering, processing and evaluating all this data.

The solution offered by Homerider Systems consists of different services that encompass meter and asset management, as well as water quality monitoring. The energy efficiency of the radio devices is maintained at all times and these are integrated within a multi-protocol, two-way infrastructure.

Combating water losses will no longer be a problem for water utilities thanks to these innovative, leading edge systems. Perhaps for this reason, we at HOMERIDER SYSTEMS like to say “we take on the fight against water losses”, because we are well aware that our simple, efficient solutions allow operators to forget about a long-standing problem.

The International Water Association (IWA) has designed a Water Balance Table in which the different categories of non-revenue water volumes can be appreciated in great detail. In this article, we examine the categories shown in the table for the purpose of explaining how our system works.

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