The Water Authority of the city of Valenciennes, France, has renewed its trust in Suez by signing a new contract to manage its water service for an amount of €16M per year for 16 years

The terms of the new contract will meet the demands expressed by residents in terms of the hardness of their water, its taste and the need for advice on limiting their consumption. Between 2016 and 2019, remote meter reading of all the meters in the zone will be introduced. This means that all the households will receive free alerts in the event of leaks or excessive consumption.

The Valenciennes water authority wants to help residents to make savings by providing direct and real-time access to their water consumption. In addition to this new service, the centre of digital excellence in Valenciennes will develop and deliver a “virtual coach”, an innovative and fun mobile application that can be downloaded onto a smartphone or tablet free of charge to allow the inhabitants to keep track of their daily water consumption. Finally, close attention will be paid to “fragile” populations.

The new contract includes an important partnership with the Multi-Service Mediation Information Centre in Valenciennes, in order to provide residents with support and advice on how to better manage their water consumption and their budget.