TheCircularLab launches first circular economy startups map

goCircular Radar is open to all startups with a clear focus on innovation whose activity can contribute to the circular economy. The initiative seeks to provide visibility to the activity and projects of such startups. TheCircularLab is the first open innovation centre for the circular economy in Europe and was created by Ecoembes in 2017.

In recent years, concern for the environment and the search for a more responsible and sustainable model of society for the planet, based on what is known as the circular economy, have come to play a leading role in the daily lives of citizens, businesses and institutions.
The circular economy, in addition to facilitating more efficient use of waste and giving the environment a breather, allows companies to cut costs and earn revenue from new products and services. The European Commission estimates that implementing the circular economy in the EU will create 700,000 jobs and increase GDP by 0.5% by 2030. This is why a growing number of startups and entrepreneurs see great business opportunities in the sector. Through innovative developments, these startups are helping to drive the transition towards a more sustainable model of society.

TheCircularLab, Ecoembes’ open innovation centre for the circular economy has responded by creating goCircular Radara map that brings together all start-ups whose activity can contribute to the change towards this new model and allows them to offer information about this activity. 

goCircular Radar is open to all startups that offer a portfolio of solutions or products that can contribute to the circular economy, have a high level of innovation in their products or business models, and have been in business for less than ten years.
Registration is completely free of charge and the information provided by startups wishing to join will be available to all those companies interested in collaborating or hiring their services.