TIRME promotes circular economy project with thirty Balearic entities to obtain European funding


The project entitled “Closing the loop. Integrated strategy for the transition from the current tourism model to a circular model” seeks to attract up to 185 million euro from the Next Generation recovery fund.

Some thirty companies, associations, foundations and public bodies led by TIRME, with the support of the Government of the Balearic Islands and the Consell de Mallorca, have submitted a project to the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITECO). The project seeks to transform the Balearic Islands production model to ensure sustainable, digital, egalitarian, structured and inclusive growth. Many of the links in the value chain are involved, including SMEs and other social entities, who will be the ultimate recipients of the investment.

The main objective of the project is to align with the España Circular 2030 Plan and to contribute to the achievement of its targets. These include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing materials consumption and waste generation, increasing the reuse of waste/resources, and reducing food waste.

The project, promoted by TIRME, features the participation of businesses and trade associations from the primary sector and the food and beverage distribution sector (Fruites Bon Any, Agromallorca, Son March, Es Merca, Bodegas Túnel and Associació de productors I productores d’agricultura ecològica de Mallorca), the energy sector (Podarcis, Factor CO2 and Wiseup), hotel groups (Arabella Hoteles, Grupo Barceló, Evenia Hotels, H10 Hotels, Melia Hotels International, Grupo Palladium, Riu Hotels & Resorts, Set Hotels and Viva Hotels), waste managers (Mac Insular), technology providers (Any Solution, Innovation Strategies, FI Group, WDNA and Brújula), foundations dedicated to knowledge, social integration and environmental protection (Fundació Impulsa Balears, Save the Med Foundation and Amadip Esment), public bodies, companies and authorities (Universidad Illes Balears, Autoridad Portuaria Balears, Empresa Municipal d’Aigües i Clavegueram (EMAYA), Govern Illes Balears and Consell de Mallorca). The project seeks to develop an economic model that optimises the use of available resources, materials, products and services, maintaining their value for as long as possible and minimising waste generation.

In an economy like the Balearic Islands, the transition to a circular economy requires the transformation of the tourism sector. For this reason, the project has three main pillars of action: the first focuses on the circular economy of organic waste, in order to address the problem of food waste, as well as on the circularity of construction and building materials. The second pillar focuses on the circularity of glass packaging and the third pillar addresses the circularity of water resources.

The investment plan envisaged for the period 2021-2026 has an overall budget of 462 million euros. Of this, up to 185 million euros for technological development and infrastructure could be financed from the European Next Generation recovery fund.