TOMRA Sorting Recycling to showcase leading aluminum sorting technology in virtual ISRI 2021 exhibit

Platinum level exhibitor TOMRA Sorting Recycling, the global leader in sensor-based sorting, will feature its broad range of innovative metals sorting technology during the virtual ISRI 2021 Convention & Exposition, April 20-22 and April 27-29. Under the theme of Metal Sorting Without Compromise, TOMRA ISRI exhibit will guide recyclers through the right sorting technology for different metal material streams, including aluminum. Through a blend of video, product displays, customer testimonials and TOMRA team member interaction, TOMRA will demonstrate the latest technological developments available to the metal recycling industry and how sensor-based sorting can sort even the most complex mixed material fractions into valuable profit streams.

One of the key topics to be detailed is the effective and fruitful recycling of Aluminum. 

The aluminum opportunity 

Aluminum is a highly versatile material equipped with a lot of beneficial features, including its lightness, conductivity, formability, durability, impermeability, and multiple recyclability. These properties make aluminum a well sought-after product especially in the construction and engineering industries, and those demands for primary aluminum is predicted to increase considerably. Especially in the automotive sector, where weight reduction is crucial, aluminum as being a lightweight material will play a major role and largely replace steel. 

The majority of the current and increased volume needed could be supplied by recycled aluminum, which has the valuable proposition that it does not lose any of its quality in the recycling process. Additionally, recycling aluminum offers considerable environmental benefits due to its low energy consumption, requiring 95% less energy than what is needed for the production of primary aluminum.  To this end, the recycling of this precious resource is essential and requires promotion at all levels, starting with legislation and green initiatives which are already taking root to the provision of the appropriate recycling methods and technologies. The latter helps in making materials pass the increasingly stringent quality controls, enabling that the quality of end-of-life aluminum is maximized and the material kept in active use. 

Maximizing aluminum quality with TOMRA’s XRT technology

TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s XRT technology facilitates the classification process and optimizes the efficiency of sorting secondary aluminum scarp. In head-to-head testing with alternative sorting equipment, TOMRA X-TRACT, featuring Dual Processing Technology, effectively separates aluminum from mixed heavy metal fractions to deliver unmatched recycled aluminum purity. Its superior sensor and X-ray set-up can also detect subtle density differences between aluminum and magnesium and create low magnesium twitch across the Zorba size spectrum from 5-120mm.

Moreover, fines separation has become a reality with the enhanced X-ray technology found in X-TRACT X6 FINES, which sorts metal grains as small as 0.2 in (5 mm) in size at unrivalled purity rates reaching 98-99%. Featuring Duoline® Dual Energy Technology, X-TRACT X6 FINES employs two independent devices with different spectral sensitivities, so materials are sorted regardless of thickness. 

The pure fractions generated by TOMRA’s machines enables aluminum processors to create furnace ready products, to open new lines of trading and to take advantage of the associated commercial benefits. 

At ISRI virtual, TOMRA will further elaborate the technological advancements and possibilities both the industry and the environment can significantly profit from. Attendees are invited to join TOMRA experts from 2:45 – 3:05 p.m. EDT on the show’s opening day, April 20, for the demonstration Metal Sorting Without Compromise