Toro Equipment showcases its latest water treatment equipment at IFAT

Toro Equipment is a leading European company specialising in the design and manufacture of equipment for industrial and urban wastewater treatment, process water treatment, water supply, water reuse and sludge treatment.

The development of glass fibre equipment, and rapid manufacturing and installation have made Toro Equipment one of the most highly rated companies worldwide for the installation of water treatment equipment in aggressive atmospheres and remote locations with complex logistics scenarios.

Tanks, Settling Tanks and W-Tank® Digesters with new volumes of up to 9200 m3

W-Tank® bolted storage tanks made of GFRP have outstanding chemical properties that make them resistant to corrosion and the most aggressive environments. Their mechanical properties
and light weight make them ideal for installation in small spaces or locations with complex logistics scenarios that require rapid, versatile solutions.

Anaconda® Dissolved Air Flotator

The glass fibre construction provides these flotation units with great resistance to environmental factors and excellent mechanical properties. The Anaconda® FRL dissolved air flotator
range for large flows can treat up to 600 m3/hour. High efficiency Anaconda® flotation units achieve removal rates of over 99% for solids and 95% for undissolved COD.

3C Automatic Polyelectrolyte Preparation Plants

This new model will be launched at IFAT. The 3 chambers enable separate, fully automated mixing, maturation and supply of polyelectrolyte, resulting in significant time savings in each stage.

Draco® Filter Presses

These offer a large filtration area with a small footprint and achieve dry matter contents of over 30% and up to 50% in some cases. The high degree of dewatering and precise control of the sludge generated facilitates sludge management and composting.

HPS Defender® high-performance Rotary Screens

Compact units designed for the screening of large flows. These screens can treat flows of up to five times greater than conventional screens. The high performance of HPS Rotary
Screens and the dryness of the waste generated make them the ideal solution for optimisation of pretreatment.


Visit Toro Equipment  at Singapore International Water Week from July 9 to 11.