TrojanUV introduces the revolutionary technology TrojanUVTelos

TrojanUV launched the TrojanUVTelos™ (télōs), a UV system that sets a new standard for ultraviolet (UV) disinfection for small communities. The system combines TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ Technology and the revolutionary TrojanUV Flow Integration (FIN™) Technology to deliver the lowest lamp count, lowest energy, and easiest-to-maintain UV disinfection system available. No compromises are needed with the compact and efficient TrojanUVTelos.

“In the world’s communities, providing safe drinking water without the overuse of chemicals and without creating disinfection by-products is a continual challenge for technology,” says Marv DeVries, president of Trojan Technologies. “Our goal with TrojanUVTelos is to make UV disinfection easier and more cost effective.”

These cost savings are driven by FIN, a new hydraulic optimization technology developed by TrojanUV. FIN advances the science of mixing and light distribution inside a closed vessel UV system to never-before-achieved levels. Inside the TrojanUVTelos, FIN uses patent-pending flow modifiers distributed throughout the length of the UV chamber to ensure the highest possible UV disinfection performance, reducing lamp counts, energy requirements and overall operational costs.

“Our customers correctly demand lower energy consumption and lower lamp count. We created the technology of TrojanUVTelos to address the needs of the energy- and maintenance-conscious buyer,” states Adam Festger, Drinking Water Market Manager at TrojanUV. “The Solo Lamp and UV system design advancements are allowing us to design higher efficiency and lower maintenance UV systems than ever before.”

Even in developed countries, water can act as a vehicle for illness. The USEPA reports that in the United States, tens of thousands of public technology of water systems, the majority of which extract groundwater, provide water without disinfection. A recent report on European drinking water identified that approximately 12% of European drinking water is also not disinfected. The TrojanUVTelos is designed to simplify implementation of drinking water disinfection and protect communities from a wide range of pathogens including bacteria, viruses and chlorine-resistant protozoa such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

With TrojanUVTelos, SCADA connection is standard, as is remote online monitoring and enhanced regulatory reporting capability. Drivers and controls are pre-assembled and mounted on the UV chamber which eliminates the need for a separate, wall- or stand-mounted cabinet. This greatly simplifies installation and reduces footprint. DVGW certification is in progress, will be completed in early 2015, and will equip the TrojanUVTelos to meet the latest drinking water disinfection regulations globally.

Telos, or Τέλος, is a Greek word meaning an outcome or goal. With the TrojanUVTelos, we believe that we have achieved a significant milestone in drinking water disinfection.