Final days to enrol for online course “Specialist in Desalination and Water Reuse”

This latest edition of the first and only university course that specialises in desalination and water reuse comes with interesting new features for students who enrol. It is divided into two modules, Desalination and Reuse. The course represents a unique opportunity for all graduates with an interest in the subject and for the training of technicians from companies operating in the sector. Enrolment for this VIII edition of the first and only university course to specialise in desalination and water reuse ends on January 15th, and the matriculation period closes on the 24th of the same month.

The course has an official duration of the equivalent of 300 hours of lectures (30 ECTS credits) and runs from January to June 2022. 

The aim of this course is to provide professionals and graduates with sufficient scientific and technical training to enable them to solve problems related to water scarcity through the desalination of brackish water and seawater, and the reuse of wastewater.

The online training is complemented by a face-to-face module for the purpose of visiting desalination plants, wastewater treatment plants and reuse systems (this module can be validated by an equivalent activity undertaken in the country of origin of students). The course has a very international flavour, which is borne out by the fact that each addition sees the participation of more students from different countries.

The Spanish Desalination and Reuse Association (AEDyR) is coordinating this course jointly with the University of Alicante and the University Institute of Water and Environmental Sciences, which belongs to the university.