New Untha XR3000C mobil-e shredder in operation at Korn Recycling

Recycling sector compliance requirements are increasing in line with the growing diversity of materials. Alexander Korn, Managing Director of Korn Recycling, also sees it this way when defining the criteria for a new shredding solution: an electric drive, mobility, powerful cutting tools, reduced maintenance requirements, good energy efficiency and high throughput. “Time is moving on, businesses are moving on, materials are becoming more and more varied and this is why we sought an alternative to the diesel driven shredder previously implemented at our plant in Albstadt. And we found it in the UNTHA XR3000C mobil-e”, says Alexander Korn.

High throughput, maximum flexibility
The plant mainly processes waste wood in various classifications. At the Albstadt plant, classes A1 to A3 are shredded onsite to produce fractions of between 50 and 100 mm. The XR3000C mobil-e achieves throughputs of between 15 and 25 tonnes per hour. The end product is used for heat energy or material recovery. The great flexibility of the machine also enables the shredding of end-of-life tyres, with a throughput of six tonnes per hour. The shredded material is used as a source of energy by a cement plant in the region. The XR3000C mobil-e also processes industrial waste or material streams to produce a defined end product, which is subsequently used by power stations in the region.

Praise for UNTHA in Swabia

The decision to opt for the UNTHA XR class shredder was based on prior testing. “We carried out test runs with different materials. We were particularly interested in this product from the very start. The machine fulfilled all our expectations and left us with a very favourable impression after a series of tests. That is why we chose UNTHA and we are currently very satisfied”, points out Alexander Korn. He is also very happy with the service and maintenance provided by UNTHA. “If we need a service technician, they are onsite within 24 hours”, explains the Managing Director. And he has further words of praise for the Austrian manufacturer of high-performance shredders: “We receive many visits from colleagues and partners and we often speak to them about shredding technology, classification, machinery and plants. I can recommend the UNTHA product at all times, without hesitation. And praise from the mouth of a Swabian is high praise indeed”, says a very convinced Alexander Korn.

Korn Recycling

The main activity of Korn Recycling is the management of industrial and commercial waste, as well as bulky municipal waste. Recycling and reuse of waste is the focus of constant innovation. Since 2002, the company has produced high-quality alternative fuels for energy generation at power plants. Alexander Korn is the second-generation Managing Director of a family business founded over 40 years ago that now has over 180 employees at five locations in three different districts. The Korn Rekotrans logistics centre, managed by Markus Korn, constitutes a central supporting pillar of the company.