Mobile units for water treatment solutions

Unidades móviles para el tratamiento de aguas

For the last 15 years a ready-to-use water treatment service has been a key benefit for the economic and environmental performance of worldwide industrial companies. This has been developed by Degremont Industry, a part of Suez Environnement, in several regions of the world. Recently, recognising Latin American industrial development, which involves specific needs and requirements Degremont Industry opened a new platform in Brazil, entirely dedicated to serving Latin American clients and providing all of Degremont’s services including mobile units.

Imagine having a wastewater plant on your industrial site with some pipes in the vicinity. Two trucks enter your site, a few technicians start to work on bridge connections and electric connections and a few hours later, you simply push a button and the water treatment goes into operation. No further time is wasted in regards to your production thanks to the maintenance of your reverse osmosis process.

The trucks are now fully connected to your water treatment plant and provide the same technology and flow rates as your plant but are more compact, more flexible and easier to start up. This system is, of course, less prestigious than a formal inauguration of a fixed water treatment plant but is certainly more rapid, simpler and more functional. This provides a brief illustration on the secret of an efficient industry, whether it is in Oil & Gas, Pulp & paper, Food & Beverage, Mining, Power, etc.

The success story of the development of mobile units throughout the world can easily be explained. Industrial companies have been challenged on reducing operating costs whilst meeting environmental regulations.

Article published in: FuturENVIRO November 2014