UNTHA VR100 for pallet recycling

Palets Cervelo, a company founded in 1999, originally specialised in freight transport before quickly branching out into the purchase and sale of pallets for reuse. Palets Cervelo is firmly committed to the environment and the company separates metals from defective pallets before shredding them to produce wood chips subsequently used to power two different systems.

On the one hand, these wood chips are fed into a boiler used for heating, hot water and steam generation, as well as to carry out NIMF15 phytosanitary treatment of pallets. Moreover, the wood chips are also used to produce briquettes.

The choice of the VR model was based on the customer’s previous experience of the high performance, high uptime and low consumption of UNTHA equipment. A throughput of over 2 tonnes per hour, resistance to foreign materials, easy operation and ergonomic design for all maintenance work make this unit ideal for the customer’s needs.

Reversible cutting blades with interchangeable support, 700 mm rotor, 400 mm maintenance-free, roller-guided ram,  large hopper opening, feed-in aided by tilting ram base, transmission cooling system, hydraulic door, rotor-integrated transmission, touchscreen control panel, SIM card connection, and the UNTHA technical service are just some of the decisive arguments for choosing the VR model.

The brand loyalty of the client was also reinforced by the decision to keep the old UNTHA LR1400 unit, which will continue to do its work for many years.