UNTHA waste shredder for one of most state of the art MPS systems in Europe

MPS Betriebsführungs GmbH, based in Berlin, has been using a UNTHA XR3000R waste shredder since early October. The waste treatment plant, which is jointly operated by the ALBA Group and Berliner Stadtreinigung (Berlin’s municipal waste management company), specialises in the production of alternative fuels, and forms part of one of the most modern plants for mechanical‐physical stabilisation (MPS) in Europe. The operators were particularly impressed by the way in which the robust UNTHA shredder could be quickly and easily integrated into the existin plant, and by its high maintainability and service ability.

UNTHA’s XR class has been on the market for two years and is suitable for shredding industrial and
commercial waste, waste wood and many other materials. Companies around the world – from Asia
to America – have opted for this reliable machine. In the waste treatment process, the XR3000R acts
as a pre‐shredder or a one‐stage crushing solution, being both very energy‐efficient and easy to maintain.
MPS Betriebsführungs GmbH opted for the XR shredder after carrying out comprehensive research
in the market.

Challenging structural conditions

MPS Betriebsführungs GmbH in Berlin‐Reinickendorf has been active in the field of mechanical‐physical
stabilisation (MPS) since 2005. MPS is an environmentally innovative waste treatment method for
obtaining refuse‐derived fuel (RDF) from residual waste. Each year, the plant processes around
180,000 tonnes of household and commercial waste.

The requirements for the new shredder in the Berlin MPS plant were particularly complex. “One important
prerequisite was that we had to be able to manage the structural conditions of the plant. The
building has been built around the original plant, so there were limitations in terms of accessibility and
assembly”, says Daniel Wresnik, Sales Manager at UNTHA, explaining one of the core challenges of the

Short downtimes: complete replacement in four days

Another key deciding factor was the availability of the plant: as downtimes had to be kept as short as
possible, the old rotary shear had to be removed and the new XR3000R installed in just four days. To
add to the challenge, the machine could only be delivered part‐assembled due to the structure of the
building. Logistically, this could prove difficult, if the UNTHA machine hadn’t been so compact. The
water cooling system and control cabinet being integrated in one container, would also enable faster
commissioning, with this unit then only having to be positioned outside the hall.

“In view of the required installation situation, the compact design of the XR3000C was a decisive factor
for us. Moreover, we were impressed by its high throughput performance, with a constant particle
size guaranteed over the entire wear period. The XR3000C also enables a targeted improvement
in maintenance and upkeep, and guarantees the required high system availability”, says Plant Manager
Markus Frank.

The advantages of the XR3000R: economical, low‐maintenance and powerful

The XR3000R’s low running costs and impressive performance data were also important decision criteria
for MPS Betriebsführungs GmbH. “The low power consumption in combination with the low wear
costs makes this machine simply unbeatable compared to those offered by other vendors”, adds
Markus Frank.

At the heart of this clever piece of technology is the innovative “UNTHA Eco Drive” drive concept. It
guarantees up to 50% lower energy consumption compared to conventional electro‐hydraulic drive
versions. This is made possible through the use of state‐of‐the‐art synchronous motors that make “UNTHA
Eco Drive” one of the most energy‐efficient drive systems on the market.

In addition, the XR3000R has other carefully thought‐out technical details. For example, a pressure
valve ensures continuous material loading using the rotor. The machine is uniformly fed with material
by two sliding floors, which are automatically loaded by a crane. The performance of the
XR3000R with moderate filling is 50 tonnes per hour, with 80 percent of industrial and household
waste crushed to a fraction size of less than 200 mm.

Optimal adaptation to customer needs

Besides the absolute reliability of the shredders, what is particularly important to UNTHA is providing
customers with an optimal overall service. For the MPS plant, it has therefore developed a special
maintenance concept, since it is particularly important to ensure the highest possible availability of
the shredder. This includes monthly visits by UNTHA engineers, who train the local staff to maintain
the machine and also check the maintenance work carried out. Thus, UNTHA has once again succeeded
in offering customers a total package that is optimally tailored to their individual needs.