Upgraded Alcázar de San Juan MSW Treatment Centre features two new TITECH optical separators

treatment center

The Alcázar de San Juan Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Centre in Ciudad Real is equipped with two new TITECH autosort 4 optical separators. Located in Alcázar de San Juan, the plant receives over 200 tonnes of waste per day from the 21 municipalities and 2 districts belonging to the Comsermancha association of municipal services.

Comsermancha serves a total population of 169,000 and its activity focuses on waste collection and treatment, the subsequent disposal of the reject fraction in a controlled landfill, and biogas management.

The Treatment Centre is equipped with leading-edge equipment, including sensor-based sorting technology by TOMRA Sorting. There are two sorting lines, one for treatment of the rest fraction, which processes 70,000 t/year, and the other for the treatment of the fraction from selective collection of light packaging, which processes around 1,500 t/year.