This Plant Report describes the renovation of the Elche MSW Treatment Plant in order to adapt it to the Autonomous Community of Valencia Integrated Waste Plan 2013 (PIRCV 2013).

This facility is the property of the Consorcio para la Gestión de los RSU del Baix Vinalopó and is operated under a concession contract by the UTE URBAHORMAR consortium made up of URBASER, with a 65% participation, and Constructora Hormigones Martínez, CHM, with a 35% stake.

The Baix Vinalopó Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plant is located in Els Cremats in Elche (Alicante) at a distance of around 10 Km from the city centre.

The plant treats the rest fraction waste from the municipalities included in the Consorcio del Baix Vinalopó Zonal Plan 10-A5 and the light packaging fraction from municipalities in Zonal Plans 10-A5 and 11-A6. It provides rest fraction treatment for a total population of 350,00 and light packaging treatment for a population of 750,000.
In order to adapt the existing plant to the PIRCV 2013, a series of potential modifications to the facility were analysed. The modifications selected, within budgetary and space constraints, and availing to the utmost of existing equipment and installations, were those which most efficiently increased the quantity of materials recovered and reduced the amount of reject requiring disposal, in order to achieve the targets set out in the PIRCV 2013.

Normal waste treatment operations were maintained throughout the execution of this large-scale project, meaning that the municipalities, and consequently the citizens, served by the facility did not experience any deterioration in the services provided.

Throughout this Plant Report, we will outline the modifications implemented in the three main areas of the waste treatment plant: pretreatment, fermentation and refinement. The actions taken to automate the pretreatment line, improve thefermentation process and implement glass recovery equipment  in the refinement line will all be escribed.