Use STEINERT.view for real-time data visualisation to create new value

Utiliza STEINERT.view para la visualización de datos en tiempo real para crear un nuevo valor

STEINERT.view is a flexible and reliable monitoring solution for STEINERT sensor-based sorting machines. It gives users insight into the availability and output of individual machines, allowing them to learn more about the condition of their applications or sorting facility.

Designed as a mobile-first app, STEINERT.view provides users with a quick overview of the key performance and output data on the move. At the same time, complex process technologies can also be visualised. Filter functions mean that users never loose track of things and can easily identify areas where problems are arising or potential lies untapped.

STEINERT.view resulted from working in close collaboration with customers and extensive testing. Not only is it easy for novices to get to grips with, it also offers added value for advanced users. Backwards compatibility means that the solution can be integrated into existing systems to provide new opportunities. STEINERT.view is available as an app for all common screen sizes on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for all new STEINERT sensor sorting units.

Monitor the availability and output of your applications

Rapid access to a multitude of metrics helps STEINERT.view to structure a large number of processes and to work more cost-effectively.

The unavoidable approach used to date of walking through the entire facility can now be replaced with precise interventions and efficient deployment of staff. Problems can be proactively countered by making changes to metrics such as belt cover or compressed air consumption.

STEINERT.view can also assist with improvements to sorting performance. Changing the grain size distribution can impact on the product unit as can material distribution. Comparing nominal and actual values in a graph reveals where action needs to be taken right away.

But the data collated not only provides insight into STEINERT machines themselves. For example, changing the material composition can allow conclusions to be drawn about the efficiency of an upstream screen or the quality of a batch. This produces operating transparency across the entire system for improving operating output and optimisation of resources.

Your data is in safe hands

STEINERT.view es una plataforma IoT basada en estándares internacionales cuya aplicación visualiza los datos de rendimiento. La tSTEINERT.view is an IoT platform based on international standards whose app visualises performance data. The transmission of data is always secured via TLS using the MQTT protocol and data-at-rest is 256-bit AES encrypted, using Microsoft Azure as the cloud service provider.

STEINERT is therefore joining the extensive list of Azure users who represent 95% of the Fortune 500 companies. Microsoft invests billions in data security and has more certification than any other cloud provider, making it the number one for data protection, so you can be sure that sensitive customer data is only used as anticipated.

Creating new value from primary and secondary raw materials

STEINERT.view provides a data-based perspective for sourcing resources from primary and secondary raw materials. When combined with STEINERT sensor-based sorting machines, STEINERT provides advanced technologies for searching for, finding and sorting resources and thereby new opportunities for overcoming a scarcity of resources and for a circular economy. at IFAT 2022

Meet us at IFAT 2022 in Hall B6 at booth 551 and find out more about STEINERT’s latest developments. And if you like to plan in advance, feel free to book an appointment with your STEINERT contact. We look forward to being able to meet again in person soon.