Valencia City Council and Emivasa present new web app to promote sustainable water use

The Valencia Councillor with responsibility for the Global Urban Water Cycle, Vicent Sarrià, recently presented the new EMIVASA web application at the City Council offices. The new app seeks to create awareness and promote efficient, responsible water use amongst citizens.

This new platform, which can be accessed through the virtual office, will enable EMIVASA to be nearer to customers and contribute to enhanced urban water demand management in the city by promoting good practices and sustainable habits in the home.

In order to achieve the project objectives, each customer who subscribes will obtain points by inviting friends, watching videos, reading educational tips on water consumption and implementing more responsible water consumption habits in the home (turning off taps, isolating pipes, opting for electronic rather than physical paper bills…). RPSmartH2O

The EMIVASA and Valencia City Council project aims to increase awareness in society as a whole using a gamification strategy, taking advantage of the mass connectivity of customers through mobile devices.  Access to this web application will be through the company’s virtual office, using the consumption data of each user obtained through remote meter reading.