Valoriza Medioambiente wins the contract for street cleaning and waste collection services in Collado Villalba (Madrid) worth €70 million

The fleet of vehicles and equipment will be replaced by more sustainable and less noisy eco-efficient versions. The company will build a composting plant for organic and pruning waste.

Valoriza Medioambiente, an environmental services subsidiary of Sacyr, has been awarded the contract for municipal solid waste collection, street cleaning and maintenance of waste bins and containers in the municipality of Collado Villalba (Madrid), worth €69.7 million. The contract is for a period of 10 years, renewable for a further two years.

Sacyr will invest more than €6.5 million in vehicles, equipment, containers, facilities and computer systems, primarily with the aim of providing a more efficient and sustainable service.

More sustainable vehicles and side-loading collection system

The service improvements that Valoriza will make include:
– Incorporation of new, more sustainable vehicles that create less pollution, being either electric or running on compressed natural gas, and allow noise levels to be greatly reduced. The improvements will also include real-time fleet management computer systems to facilitate the management and control of the services performed at any time.
– All equipment will have innovative technology, using noise reduction and water saving systems.
– Modification of the side-loading collection system.
– Increased frequency of waste collection.
– Installation of a new waste processing facility in the P-29 industrial estate.
– A new mobile waste collection unit. Two mobile units close to sports facilities that will facilitate recycling at source.
– Construction of new facilities for the service that will be self-sustaining with renewable energy, producing zero atmospheric CO2 emissions.

Pioneering composting plant

In addition, Valoriza will build a pioneering composting plant that will be used to treat waste deriving from the municipality’s organic and pruning waste collection service. Pilot program for the organic fraction

With this contract, the municipality will begin separate collection of the organic fraction.

This will start with a pilot program that will serve as a reference for the progressive implementation of the collection of this fraction throughout the municipality.

This pilot program and its subsequent implementation will be accompanied by awareness-raising campaigns, which will provide residents with all the information necessary to correctly separate this fraction at home.