Valoriza Servicios Medioambientales enters Colombia with an urban cleaning and waste collection contract in Bogotá

Sacyr, through its subsidiary Valoriza Servicios Medioambientales, leads the Clean Area SAS ESP consortium, which has been awarded the contract for urban cleaning of ASE 5 in the city of Bogotá (Colombia). The contract awarded has a duration of eight years and is worth around 170 million euros.

The area awarded to Valoriza is Special Service Area No. 5, which includes the town of Suba, located north of the capital of Colombia, which will service a population of around 1.5 million inhabitants.

The service awarded is provided by a license under the exclusive service areas. It consists of the collection of unusable waste, sweeping, cleaning of roads and public areas, grass cutting, tree pruning in public areas, cleaning of public areas and transportation of the waste generated by those activities to final landfills.

The Consortium led by Valoriza will provide a service with more than 600 workers, with a large investment in more efficient equipment, adapted to the new needs of the city, performing waste collection by lateral loading, in addition to having the latest technology in vehicles and equipment, and using the most advanced location and communication systems.

With this new award, Valoriza Environmental Services expands its international activity, as it already carries out waste treatment services in Melbourne (Australia). Valoriza carries out the collection and treatment of municipal solid waste and street cleaning in cities such as Madrid, Ibiza, Toledo, Cádiz, Soria, Albacete or Guadalajara. It serves nearly six million citizens overall.