Waste-to-value of multiple waste types in new treatment plant concept: the “mixed plant”

Through the combined treatment of a wide spectrum of waste at an integrated plant, the LIFE REVAWASTE takes a giant step forward in the area of sustainable management.
The pace of life in today’s society has led to an increase in the consumption of resources, particularly those with a short lifecycle. This in turn has resulted in an exponential increase in the quantity of waste going to landfill. In parallel to this, intensified livestock farming has meant an increase in livestock waste, which represents a serious environmental problem if not managed appropriately.
The REVAWASTE projects (LIFE12 ENV/E/000727) aims to provide a simultaneous solution to the two problems through the application of a new waste management strategy based on the technological development and practical implementation of the “Mixed Plant” concept. The ultimate aim of this model is to reduce costs associated with waste treatment processes, thereby optimising waste management, not only from the environmental perspective, but also from the financial point of view.

Dr. M. Dolores Hidalgo Barrio. CARTIF Technology Centre Marc Basany. Engineer, InfinitVE

Article published in: FuturENVIRO October 2013