To bury and burn or to reuse and recycle? the recovery companies know where they stand

La ineficiencia en la gestión de los residuos actuales, despilfarro ambiental y económico

Every day in Spain, we consume 51 million drinks containers, 28 million of which are landfilled, incinerated or abandoned. Current waste management inefficiency not only represents environmental waste but also economic waste, particularly for sectors such as the recovery industry. Recyclers have no wish to continue witnessing such a ridiculous situation and for this reason they are committed to the drinks container Deposit-Return System.

28 million containers per day, which we take an average of five minutes to consume and which, once landfilled or abandoned, remain for 200 years in our environment before decomposing. And this is the very guild capable of converting all this waste into new containers, thereby saving energy and raw materials, whilst freeing our environment from this heavy, hazardous burden. For now, however, we are left to witness with dismay the nonsensical situation whereby all this waste is buried, burned or abandoned.

This is why, for many years now, we at the Gremi de Recuperació de Catalunya have proposed investigation into new waste management models that would enable the recovery of the 28 million containers per day that are buried or abandoned, so that they can be reintroduced into the economic cycle. And with the aim of improving the absurd current situation, the guild is committed to promoting the Deposit-Return System (DRS). Recyclers are convinced that this Return System for drinks containers is the best solution to eliminate current waste, and the figures support their conviction.

In a study entitled “Packaging Waste Streams”, the Gremi de Recuperació de Catalunya calculated the positive impact a Deposit-Return System for drinks containers would have for recyclers, and the conclusions were more than promising.

Article published in: FuturENVIRO December 2014